What is UKCA (CE) marking?
UKCA (CE) 1090 marking is a legal requirement when structural steelwork is supplied to the open market. The UKCA marking process includes documentation of processes, traceability of all materials and welding procedures to ensure the design and manufacture is carried out in accordance with Construction Products Regulation (CPR).
Is UKCA (CE) marking a legal requirement?
Yes. Mezzanine floors must carry a UKCA (CE) mark. If a mezzanine floor supplier offers a mezzanine floor to market, it must carry a UKCA (CE) mark. It is a criminal offense for the mezzanine floor supplier to not provide a UKCA mark and can lead to prosecution.
Do I need Building Regulations Approval?
If you are installing a mezzanine floor into a building, regardless of size and use, Building Regulations Approval should be gained. This can be gained by submitting an application to your local council or an approved inspector. The mezzanine floor is a main part of the application process but considerations of its use, fire escape travel distances/routes & fire safety should be allowed for during the design stage. Emergency lighting and signage will also be required.
Do I need Planning Permission?
In most cases, no. Planning Permission is generally required for external extensions and alterations. Mezzanine floors are mainly for internal use, where Building Regulations will be required. If your mezzanine floor is to be installed externally, Planning Permission may be required. Your local council should be able to give you advise on this.
Do I need Landlords Approval?
We would recommend that you inform your landlord of your intent to install a mezzanine floor. They may require details of what you propose to install and may require it to be removed when you leave the premises.
Can I Re-locate a Mezzanine Floor?
In most cases, yes. This depends on where you want to move it to and if you want to change the use of the mezzanine floor. Generally, you can only move a UKCA (CE) marked mezzanine floor. If you want to move a mezzanine floor that was supplied more than 10 years ago, chances are that this won’t carry a UKCA (CE) mark, meaning you won’t be able to re-locate it.
Can my Mezzanine Floor be multi-tiered?
Yes, as long as you take into consideration the height of your roof line inside the building. Multi-tiered mezzanine floors are a great way of expanding storage areas in tall buildings. In most cases you will require a minimum clear head height of 2.000m at the edge of the roof line. Spacings between support columns may need to narrower to accommodate the loadings imposed on your floor slab.
Do I need to fit 1-hour Fire Protection to my Mezzanine Floor?
This depends on it’s use, size & how much of the building it fills. If the mezzanine floor is to be occupied (offices or work areas) regardless of size, the mezzanine floor will require 1-hour fire protection. If the mezzanine floor fills more than 50% of the building, it will require 1-hour fire protection. If the mezzanine floor is more than 20 metres in length, it will require 1-hour fire protection.
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