Mezzanine Accessories

If you’re thinking about creating a mezzanine area in one of your warehouses, you’re likely doing so because of the undeniable practicality and space-saving benefits that a mezzanine offers. Astromezz provides direct-from-manufacturer mezzanine floors to a wide range of businesses to help maximise their storage space, work areas or additional office space and increase the production potential of their industrial or commercial premises. But no mezzanine is complete without the appropriate mezzanine accessories to take your new space to the next level.

Here at Astromezz, we offer an impressive range of mezzanine accessories that have been designed to increase safety, efficiency and quality. If you have any specifics in mind, our experts can tailor your project to your needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask any questions or make certain requests as we’re sure we’ll be able to accommodate you.

Our most popular mezzanine accessories:

All of our staircase solutions are designed and manufactured to current regulations to fit the purpose and requirements of their respective projects, ensuring easy and safe access to your new mezzanine floor.

Our commitment to health and safety at Astromezz is second-to-none. We work hard to maintain consistent quality standards across the board, from mezzanine accessories to the mezzanine floor itself and our bespoke handrails are no exception.

Pallet Gates
The movement of heavy pallets is an ongoing demand in a fast-paced warehouse environment and our pallet gates ensure this can be done as safely as possible. Suitable for either single or double width pallets, depending on your needs, our pallet gates create a protective barrier to prevent otherwise common accidents and injuries while working at height.

This is just a small insight into what we can do. With over 2 decades of experience in manufacturing premium mezzanine accessories, the Astromezz team possesses a keen eye for detail and a dedication to work of the highest quality. Rest assured in the knowledge that your mezzanine floor is designed to meet the requirements of UKCA 1090 standards and design recommendations set by Building Control.

To start transforming your space today, get in touch! We can start from the ground up with a top to bottom mezzanine design or upgrade your current installation with our mezzanine accessories.

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